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Who we are

Fabricio Mendonça Eletrotécnico Ltda is an electrical and telecommunications engineering company, located in Brazil, with more than 10 years in the market and focuses on corporate service for medium and large companies, where quality and reliability are paramount. It is an associated company ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) and registered in CREA-RJ (Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of the State of Rio de Janeiro)..
We have a team prepared to meet the most rigorous quality standards, so we are able to meet the demand in electrical engineering and telecommunications of any company that comes with its headquarters or branch to Brazil, we serve throughout the Brazilian territory with operational bases in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
We have projects and installations performed for numerous companies in Brazil and some international experiences of which we can highlight:

Dennemeyer & Associates

In 2019 we are deploying Cat structured cabling. 6 Shielded in your office in South America. .

TV Zimbo - Angola

In 2013 we developed the infrastructure design and structured cabling Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A backbone for the retrofit work of the headquarters building in Angola with 4 floors and more than 600 points.

Optimi Telecommunications

In 2009 Optimi brought a subsidiary to Brazil and our company developed the project and executed the infrastructure installations, electrical installations and structured cabling Cat. 6 for the Optimi Brazil unit.

Business Vision

Being a reference company in the Brazilian electricity and telecommunications market.

Company mission

To offer complete advisory in electrical engineering and telecommunications according to the current technical standards, developing services with responsibility and quality to guarantee total security to all our clients.

Company values

- SAFETY and SATISFACTION of customers;
- RELIABILITY and QUALITY of the services provided;e
- INNOVATION and DYNAMISM in the market in which we operate.

Ethical Commitment

The Company Fabrício Mendonça eletrotécnico Ltda. undertakes to respect the confidentiality of data provided by the client as a result of the proposed activities; Only use original and properly licensed software in our activities, including CAD platform (for engineering projects); Fully comply with the relevant Technical Standards and NR 10 issued by the Ministry of Labor.

Technical manager

Fabrício Mendonça, graduated in electrotechnology in 1998 and in telecommunications in 2009, with more than 15 years of professional experience in large projects and projects.

He is a consultant to several companies in the area of ??electricity and telecommunications, is an associate of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) and participates in COBEI (Brazilian Electricity, Electronics, Telecommunications and Lighting Committee), which currently integrates the group that reviews the Standard Technical NBR 5410.

Main courses and certifications:

Data Centers - Furukawa;
Data Centers - Panduit;
Data Centers - Commscope;
FCP Master - Furukawa;
Certified Installer - Uniprise;
Certified Cabling Test Technician - Fluke;
Freenet OC Installation Manager - R & M;
CFTV - Hanwha Techwin - Samsung Wisenet;
Digital and analog PBX - Intelbras;
Lightdesigner - GE Lighting;
Lightdesigner - Philips Lighting;
NBR5410 Protection and Safety - ABNT;
NBR5419 / eng SPDA - ABNT;
Grounding systems (Projects, construction, measurement and maintenance) - ABNT.

Instructor in courses:

- Instructor of NR 10 (Safety in Electrical Installations) for professionals of REDUC (Refinery of Oil and Derivatives);
- Teacher of Electrical Installations at the Technical School Nucleus of Technological Teaching of Rio de Janeiro.

Electrical engineering

In a broad overview, electrical engineering is the area of ??engineering that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Thus, among its subareas are energy, electronics, control systems, telecommunications and signal processing. The energy subarea deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and efficient use of electric energy. The focus of control engineering is to make dynamic systems behave or work in a desired way: their applications include industrial and building automation, robotics, aircraft control systems and autopilot systems. Electronics deals with the design and construction of electronic circuits, including integrated circuits, which are the basis of electronic equipment: for example, computers, audio and video devices, biomedical equipment and communication devices. The telecommunications engineer plans, designs, installs and operates wired and wireless telecommunication systems, facilities and equipment, including optical and satellite communications; some of the main applications: fixed and cellular telephony, data transmission, radio and TV broadcasting, radar and positioning and navigation systems. Signal processing deals with the analysis and manipulation of audio (voice and music), images and videos, with the aim of improving the quality of these signals, extracting information from them and compacting them.

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