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The great dynamism of corporations often requires the reorganization of the people, their workspaces and services that they execute. In order to adapt to these changes, there is the structured cabling system, which is the basis of a modern and organized information network supporting standardized and flexible telecommunications services such as: internet, image, video, CCTV, voice , telephony, access control, printers, wi-fi, sound, multimedia and many other systems based on TCP / IP protocol.

It is possible to use the following cables: UTP, UTP, F / UTP, F / FTP, S / FTP (Cat 5e - 100MBps, Cat6 - 1GBps, Cat 6A - 10GBps and Cat 7 - 10GBps) with one end attached to the user jack on your workstation and the other end connected to a patch panel in a horizontal network rack in the CPD or Datacenter where the cables complete the connection to servers, switches, hubs, routers, firewall, among other network assets. All points (cables) must be certified with a "scaner" in order to ensure the performance of each point as determined by the applicable technical standards.

It is also possible to serve users and backbone in fiber optics, where we have as main technologies the fibers OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4, with applications of up to 100Gbps in the MPO modules.

When the corporation opts for structured wiring, whether optical or metallic, it is preparing itself for the trends of an increasingly crowded market where the reliability and high performance of its data network (communication) will make a difference to its competitors. Whereas The internet is no longer just an information provider. Companies now generate their content, interact, talk, relate, share, and ultimately close big deals around the world. Companies that invest in technology pass trust and reliability to their customers and arrive faster at each of them.

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