Fabrício Mendonça Eletrotécnico LTDA

Technical solutions in electrical engineering and telecommunications

  • "A serious and extremely competent and punctual company. At no time did I worry about the execution of the service."

    André Latta
    Civil engineer

  • "The service was excellent. I was very pleased with the technical collaboration."

    Isabela Bacelar

  • "Very committed and brings clear results to my company."

    Paulo César Pinto
    Quip S.A.

  • "Very good company in its field of work. When it comes to electrical, networks and IP installations, I recommend everyone to talk to Fabrício Mendonça."

    Sergio Carpenter

  • "It’s a serious company which aims to provide high quality services"

    Marcio Dib
    Aliança Engineering

  • "Reliable company with competent professionals. I had the opportunity to contract its services and I was very satisfied with the quality."

    Elisabete Afonso

  • "Thank you for taking care of my safety."

    Marco Pinho

  • "An excellent company which aims to provide a quality service from the beginning to the end of installation."

    Andrea Aqrabawi

  • "Despite being a small company, a particular attention was paid to us, as we were a big one."

    Anderson Mascouto
    Vertice Consulting

Since 2006

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